High Heels In Borrowed Shoes Part Six

High Heels In Borrowed Shoes Part Six by Juliana Stone


         It took a lot to leave Mace Evans speechless, but at the moment, he wouldn’t have been able to pull words from his mouth if he tried.  His face tightened into a scowl though he could not deny the sliver of remorse that slid through him. What the hell was up with that? He shouldn’t care what Ashton thought or felt.

And yet…

         He took a good look at her. The hurt that clouded her eyes was unmistakable, though she was trying like hell to hide it. 

            “Shit,” his manager muttered, shooting him a look that spoke volumes, before Paul took a step toward Ashton. “Uh, Mace didn’t mean…he didn’t know you were in the room.” His manager finished off quietly.

         “I think Mr. Evans says exactly what he means.”

         Mr. Evans.

         Christ, he’d really pissed her off.  What the hell was she doing here?

            An awkward silence fell between them all and Mace took a moment to study Ashton. She looked tired, the dark smudges underneath her eyes electrified against her pale, translucent skin as she lifted her chin and held his gaze.

         Paul cleared his throat.  “Do you guys need a minute?”

         “No.”  Ashton’s answer was clipped.  “I’m leaving.”

         “Dammit.”  Paul’s reply was barely heard as Mace watched her sweep by his manager and then she was gone. 

Paul shook his head and glared at him before he grabbed his cell from his pocket. He headed toward the terrace.  “Nice going Mace.”

         “Ashton was actually going to work for us?” He was incredulous and it showed.

         Paul didn’t bother to answer as he stepped outside.

         Mace gritted his teeth so hard an ache formed along the side of his jaw and turned, surprised to see Nic standing a few feet away. He’d forgotten the guy was in the room.

         “So I’m guessing you’d be the townie and she’d be the cherry?” Nic raised his eyebrows.

         “I’m not discussing her with you.”

         “What’s stopping you now mate?”  The Brit turned and disappeared after Paul, and Mace swore underneath his breath as he walked over to the floor to ceiling windows.

         The sun was shining, cutting through the glass with ease and Mace winced at the brilliance of it.  For a second he was still, his heart beating fast and hard.  His eyes swept the now empty room, and he was still for all of five seconds. Then before he knew what the hell he was doing, his feet were moving and he followed in Ashton’s footsteps.

         She was at the elevator, her back to him as she waited for it.  Her foot tapped impatiently though the sound was muted against the carpet.  She slammed her palm against the button once more and cursed. Loudly.  Mace’s eyes widened in surprise…princess had grown a potty mouth.

         He watched her in silence for a few seconds.  Watched the way she hung her head and exhaled a ragged breath.  Watched the way her hand trembled slightly as she once more pressed the button, this time more gently, but her urgent need to leave was pretty apparent.

         She looked somehow defeated, and that affected him more than he’d like to admit. 

         Mace should have turned his ass around and left.  Forget he’d ever laid eyes on Ashton Breckinridge again. What was the point?  It’s not like they were going to go have drinks and have a couple laughs as they held hands and walked down memory lane.

         She’d pretty much trashed any chance of that happening ten years ago.

         Suddenly her foot stopped tapping and she turned her head to the side.  He could see the curve of her cheek, the slope of her neck though she kept her eyes averted.  She was still so delicate. Had always looked like he could break her.

         “Did you forget some random detail or something?  Some humiliating fact I’m sure you want me to know?”  She snorted, “I mean considering my uh, what did you call it?  Popping of the cherry was such a non-event for you I can’t imagine there’s anything else.”

         He stared at her in silence not really knowing what to say or even why the hell he was still standing there half naked and pissed off.

         “Never mind.  I don’t want to know.  I prefer to keep the fabulous memory I have of that night intact because every girl wants to lose their virginity in the back of a van parked behind The Black Dragon.”

         The sarcasm that laced her words was biting.

         He heard her swear under her breath once more as she hit the keypad.

         “Pounding the shit out of that won’t make the elevator come any faster.”  He finally said, thinking his comeback was damn lame but he was still fumbling for words, unable to express what was inside of him.

         She made a weird hissing noise as she turned to him once more, her dark eyes blazing a trail of navy heat.  “Is there a reason you’re still here?  You think we’re talking buddies now?”

       Anger burned beneath his skin and he rolled his shoulders in an effort to alleviate the stress that came with it.  She’d always been a smart ass.

         “Why are you making me out to be the bad guy?  You were the one who treated me like a dirty secret back in the day. Sorry if the details as I see them aren’t exactly what you want to hear.”

         “You’re an asshole.”

         “Yeah, I’ve been called worse.”  He raised an eyebrow and took a step toward her as a rush of memories hit him in the gut.  Hard.  “A lot worse, by you in fact.” 

         She glared at him and didn’t back down.  “I can own the fact that there were times I was a total bitch. But I was only eighteen. I was young and stupid and I didn’t have the strength or the balls to stand up to my parents.”  The elevator doors slid open.  “You’re a grown man now.  What the hell is your excuse?”

         They stared at each for several long moments and then she slipped inside the elevator leaving him alone in the hall.  He felt like an idiot.

         Son of a bitch!

         Mace ran his hands through the thick hair at his nape and groaned.  Was it too early for a drink?

         “She gone?”

         He glanced back and nodded at his manager.  “Yeah.”

         “Well that’s just great.”

         Mace didn’t hear a word Paul said.  He frowned as he stared at his manager.  “So, she really works here?”

         “Why do you find that so hard to believe?”

         “She’s a Breckinridge.”  At Paul’s blank stare he continued.  “They’re old money, as in they have lots of it.  I don’t get why she’d be working the concierge desk at The Meridian.”

         “Dude, I don’t know and honestly I don’t care.”  Paul walked past him toward the elevator.  “The list I need to deal with just tripled no thanks to you. I gotta run.  I have a meeting and then I’m checking out a couple practice spaces.  You wanna come along?”

         “No, I’ll touch base with you later.”

         He turned and headed back to his suite.  It would probably be smart to leave things well enough alone.  But the lady pulled at something inside him that had been asleep for years.

         It was awake and there was no way it would go quietly.  Mace needed answers.

        He’d start with LaMotte and work his way toward Ashton.



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