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You Own My Heart

The Blackwells of Crystal Lake, Book 4

Honey Harrison has come to Crystal Lake for one reason only—to expose a secret and finally move on from a past that won’t let go. But ruining the Blackwells isn’t as satisfying as she wants it to be. And the heart she’d long buried is not so cold and black after all. Complicating matters is the most infuriating man on the planet. Nash Booker makes her crazy. And hot. And bothered. What’s a girl to do? Does this southern spitfire up and leave? Or does she face her fears and risk losing her heart…

Nash Booker has no time for complications. He’s busy. Focused. He’s definitely not looking for a relationship. Which is why the new hire at his bar pushes every single button he owns. Honey Harrison is edgy, opinionated, prickly, and unfortunately for him, sexy as hell. She’s also hiding something. She’s the kind of woman he doesn’t need in his life. Yet he can’t deny the pull or his need to get her into his bed. For a guy who likes risks, she might be the biggest one of all-or she could be his biggest mistake. As winter gives way to spring, Nash Booker is about to find out. 

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You Rock My World

The Blackwells of Crystal Lake, book 3

Coming home to Crystal Lake was supposed to be a weekend pit stop for NHL goalie, Travis Blackwell.  But a run in with his ex-wife makes him think twice. And though it’s probably not a good idea considering their history-married too young, he’d been gone before the ink dried on their divorce papers-he decides to stick around for the summer. He knows she was the one who got away so he’s willing to overlook a few things. Like the fact she hates his guts and has every reason to. Call him crazy but this hot shot goalie has just begun the game of his life. 

And losing isn’t an option.

Ruby Montgomery is living the dream. Born on the wrong side of town she now lives on the lake, and owns a successful business. So what if it sprang from blood money she gained in a divorce? From the outside it appears she has everything including a dog and a handsome boyfriend. Yet all it took was one look from Travis Blackwell and her world turned upside down. The heartache she’d buried, the pain she’d ignored, and the desire that never left-all of it was still there, simmering beneath the surface, waiting to explode. Travis was the one man she needed to stay away from.

So why was she finding it so hard to?

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You Drive Me Crazy

The Blackwells of Crystal Lake, Book 2

Coming home to Crystal Lake should be a walk in the park for famous race car driver, Wyatt Blackwell. He’ll collect an honor, see some family, and get back to his fast paced life before anyone notices he’s gone. But when a fender-bender lands him in the local ER, the doc who treats him is none other than the prickly, straight laced, student president he screwed over at prom. Her dislike is evident but so are the sparks. Good ones. Bad ones. Hot ones. Regan Thorne refuses to acknowledge any of them and that makes it personal. Makes it challenging.

Because Wyatt Blackwell doesn’t lose on the track, and he sure as hell doesn’t lose in the bedroom.

Regan Thorne can’t deny it’s desire she feels for sexy-as-sin Wyatt Blackwell—but she doesn’t have to like it. The man was singularly responsible for one of the worst nights of her life. The fact that he’s interested means nothing—she knows he’d use her and leave—and at twenty-nine she’s not in the market for a fling. But Wyatt Blackwell is persistent. His charm outrageous. Makes a girl wonder. Can she give in to her darkest desires and teach Wyatt a lesson at the same time?

As winter approaches the sleepy town of Crystal Lake and things heat up, Regan begins to wonder if she’ll survive the storm she’s created, or if she’s doomed to fail.

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