Hump Day Hotties....

Okay, all. It’s Wednesday. Hump Day. And I’m going to share some lovely Hump Day Hotties to help get you through the week.

Maybe we’ll take a vote…a la Snow White. Who is the hottest hump day hottie of them all?

Today’s theme is Men of Action. I’m about to write the big, action scene near the end of my current WIP and it got me to thinking of all the delicious men I’ve enjoyed watching…in action, over the last little while. Without further ado, here they are and as you can see I’ve gone with a buddy theme! Two for the price of one my friends!

First up, the boys from the series, STRIKE BACK. If you’ve not watched it…you have no idea what you’re missing!

How about the boys from Supernatural? hmmmmmm? They’re always kicking ass, no?

And how about Sherlock Holmes and Watson?

Now, based purely on visual, who is your fave duo?

  • Amy Valentini

    I don’t even have to think about it and it’s not just visual although they are both GORGEOUS!!! The STRIKE BACK guys are the hottest thing to come along since sliced bread. I love that show and you’re right, those who haven’t watched it don’t know what they are missing!

    I’m interviewing KC Klein on my blog today. I would love it if you stopped by for a visit. My name link will take you there. Thanks for the fun – nice diversion from the flooding rains outside. <3

    • Juliana

      Oh, I’ll have to pop by for sure! I loved KC’s book! and yes, Strike Back is one of my new fave shows! Michael is delicious….

  • Dana

    Haven’t seen the other so going with the boys from Supernatural.


    • Juliana

      Dana, I do love my Supernatural boys, but the Strike Back dudes are MEN oh my, you must google and watch this show if you can. Seriously….seriously! :mrgreen:

  • SharonS

    Winchester Boys all the way Mainly Dean…