Cover Me Up

Cover Me Up by Juliana Stone

Book One: The Bridgestones Of Montana

Coming home to Montana wasn’t on country superstar, Cal Bridgestone’s agenda. But when his older brother is badly injured in an accident, he has no choice. With a family that’s scattered, a young niece to look after and an estranged father to deal with, he shouldn’t be thinking about his old flame, Millie Sue Jenkins. Seeing her stirs up all kinds of stuff. Their history is tricky, and starting up where they left off is probably not a good idea.

So why can’t he stay away?

Millie Sue gave her heart to Cal when she was seventeen, and he still has it. She’d love to hate him for leaving Big Bend and breaking her spirit, but all she feels is want and need. Starting up with him isn’t a good idea—he will hurt her. Because Cal Bridgestone outgrew Big Bend a long time ago and belongs in a world of celebrity, music, and superstardom. He will leave again. 

And this time, she’s got to make sure her heart doesn’t go with him…


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