Awaken The Damned

Awaken The Damned by Juliana Stone

Book Four: League of Guardians

Immortal Templar Knight, Gabriel DuRocher, pledged allegiance to the League of Guardians centuries ago. Now known simply as Priest, he lives in the shadows and upholds his vow to maintain balance between the realms. He will do anything to achieve his goal. When his former mentor is found dead, Priest comes face to face with a past he thought never to see again. A dark past hunting the streets of New Orleans…

Vampire Asha, has been awakened from the darkness. Entombed for centuries she’s hungry for revenge, and while this new world holds many surprises for her, none is more surprising than Priest, her former lover, long thought dead. The two are on opposite sides of a war she has no interest in—a war she has no control over. It’s a war that could see one of them perish…

As desire and vengeance collide, the lines become blurred and the question becomes…who will survive?


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