Piece Of Me

Piece Of Me by Juliana Stone

Book 2: The Bridgestones Of Montana

Scarlett Bridgestone doesn’t need a man in her life. She’s too busy raising a new baby on her own and starting her life over in Montana. But a chance encounter with the dangerously sexy Taz Pullman, sparks something she thought was dead. He’s got his own demons, but something about him pulls at her. She knows a dance with this devil might not be the best thing for her.

But the dance just might be worth the risk…

Taz Pullman is a busy man. A former champion bull rider, he’s now raising his sister’s twins on a ranch in Montana while running his business empire. He misses the life he had—but enjoys the challenge of his situation. What he doesn’t need is a woman to complicate things. Especially one with more baggage than the train station. But there’s something about Scarlett Bridgestone he can’t shake. He knows if they start something up it will get messy.

So why can’t he stay away?


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