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Juliana Stone writes contemporary young adult novels that deal with every day issues, including, love, loss, family and relationships. She loves to write about guys who treat girls with respect and girls who love themselves. Her debut YA novel, BOYS LIKE YOU releases in May 2014!

Step inside and check it out!

Trading on line con banche svizzere, Option binary senza costi per prelievo

Juliana Stone writes both contemporary romance and paranormal romance. If you’re looking for a book that will make you laugh, cry, and—let’s face it—tingle, then you’ve found the right place. She loves alpha men with heart and fiery women who can handle them!

Sit back, take your time, and have a look around at The Bad Boys of Crystal Lake, The Barker Triplets or The Jaguar Warrior series!

Contemporary & Paranormal Romance


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